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At ULisboa

ULisboa is the largest University in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe. Located in Lisbon, one of the great European capitals of culture and science, ULisboa will offer you the opportunity of an exceptional life experience.


The four ULisboa’s schools behind the PhD in Populations Sciences provide you an exciting research environment, offering a wide range of seminars  - the ‘Population and Mobility’ research seminars (CAPP/ISCSP), the Development Studies research seminars (SOCIUS/ISEG), ICS and IGOT research groups’ seminars  - as well as transferable skills courses, like the Summer/Winter schools on quantitative and qualitative data analysis (ICS) or the Internacional Summer School (ISEG), for example.


As an in-person Doctoral Programme it will enable you to fully take advantage of the Lisbon experience and sharing it with the fellow Ph. D. candidates. In the first three editions, starting in the a.y. 2023/24, it will be based at ISCSP.

But connected to the world
through international partnerships with leading institutions

by Charlie Loyd

(all rights reserved)

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