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Alda Azevedo

Ph.D. in Demography (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

 housing demography; demographic ageing (ORCiD)

Alexandre_Abreu .jpg

Alexandre Abreu

Ph.D. in Economics (University of London)

migrations and development; poverty, inequality, and development; violence, conflict and development (ORCiD)


Alina Esteves

Ph.D. in Geography (Universidade de Lisboa)

international migration; internal migration; ageing (ORCiD)


Amélia Bastos

Ph.D. in Economics (Universidade de Lisboa)

poverty and social exclusion; child poverty measurement; gender issues, the labour market and well-being (ORCiD)


Amílcar Moreira

Ph.D. in Social Policy (University of Bath)

pension policy; financial and social sustainability of social security; demographic ageing; welfare state reform (ORCiD)

Carla Pinto Foto.png

Carla Pinto

PhD Social Sciences

Social Policy

 (Universidade de Lisboa)

social solicy; social work; sustainable welfare; longevity and aging;
participative methodologies and empowerment (ORCiD)

foto centrada 2022_CatarinaReisOliveira.png

Catarina R. Oliveira

Ph.D. Sociology
(ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

migration and integration policies; indicators of migration integration and public policies; migrants’ business strategies (ORCiD)


Dália Costa

Ph.D. Sociology 
(Universidade Aberta)

gender studies, violence and crime,  domestic violence,  social policy (ORCiD)

Eduarda Costa.jpg

Eduarda M. Costa

Ph.D. in Human Geography (Universidade de Lisboa)

urban studies ageing in place; cohesion policy; policy evaluation



Elvira Pereira

Ph.D. in Economic and Organisational Sociology (Universidade de Lisboa)

poverty and deprivation: territorial contexts and place effects; social policy, minimum income policies and living wage (ORCiD)


Fátima Amante

Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology (Universidade de Lisboa)

mobilities; border and migration regimes; qualitative research methodologies (ORCiD)

João Mourato.png

João Mourato

Ph.D. in Town Planning (University College London)

climate action; sustainability transitions; (non)migration; urbanization (ORCiD)

Joao Peixoto.jpg

João Peixoto

Ph.D. in Economic and Organisational Sociology (Universidade de Lisboa)

international migration (ORCiD)


Jorge Malheiros

Ph.D. in Human Geography (Universidade de Lisboa)

migrations; demographic projections (local and regional levels)


Lara Tavares_pic.jpg

Lara P. Tavares

Ph. D. in Economics
(ISER, University of Essex)

population economics; (low) fertility and its determinants; labour market changes and inequalities (ORCiD)




xxx (ORCiD)

Nuno Costa.JPG

Nuno Costa

Ph. D. in Geography (Universidade de Lisboa)

urban and regional modelling analysis; projections; mobility of aged people (ORCiD)

Paula Albuquerque.jpg

Paula Albuquerque

Ph. D. in Economics (Universidade de Lisboa)

population ageing; long-term care; older labour markets; the economics of longevity; intergenerational transfers and

justice (ORCiD)

Paulo Morgado.jpg

Paulo Morgado

Ph. D. in Regional and Urban Planning

    (Universidade de Lisboa)

spatial data analysis; network analysis; machine learning for spatial analysis; neurourbanism and real-time data analysis (ORCiD)


Pedro Magalhães

Ph.D. Political Science (Ohio State University)

public opinion; political attitudes; electoral behavior; judicial politics


Rui Costa Lopes.jpeg

Rui C. Lopes

PhD in Social Psychology (ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

intergroup relations; prejudice and discrimination; the impacts of social norms and ideologies; socially critical decisions towards low status groups (ORCiD)

Prof.Stella1 (1).jpg

Stella B. Câmara

Ph.D. in Gerontology (Universidade de Lisboa)

ageing and globalisation; demographic ageing; demographic changes and
intergenerational relations (ORCiD)

Vanessa Cunha.jpg

Vanessa Cunha

Ph.D. Sociology (ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

fertility issues; households;

families, gender and public policies




Ph.D. xxx  (xxx)

fertility issues; households;

families, gender and public policies


Isabel 2 2022.jpg

Isabel Proença

Ph. D. in Economics

(Université Catholique de Louvain)

applied microeconometrics; panel data; semiparametric methods and spatial econometrics (ORCiD)


Esmeralda Arranhado

PhD in Economics (University of Bristol)

microeconometrics; discrete choice models; count data models; models for fractional data,; sampling problems (ORCiD)

Ben Wilson profile pic.jpg

Ben Wilson
(visiting Professor)

PhD Demography (London School of Economics)

Immigrants and their descendants, family formation, health inequalities, research methods (ORCiD)

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