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Course details

First year

1st semester

Population Sciences : concepts, models, and thought (24h)

Lara P. Tavares (course coordinator)

Demography: population measures and dynamics (36h)

Alda B. Azevedo (course coordinator)

Data and research methods in Population Sciences (24h)

Amélia Bastos (course coordinator)

Seminar I (12h)

Jorge Malheiros (course coordinator)

Elective I (24h)

2nd semester

Seminar: key topics in Population Sciences in the XXI century (12h)

Pedro Magalhães (course coordinator)

Quantitative methods applied to Population Sciences (36h)

Lara P. Tavares (course coordinator)

Qualitative methods methods applied to Population Sciences (24h)

Fátima Amante (course coordinator)

Seminar II (12h)

Eduarda M. Costa (course coordinator)

Elective II (24h)

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