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The 'Pioneers'


Jeanne Pais

 I graduated from Mananagment (ESSEC Business School & Nova SBE) and I am interested in addressing the demographic challenges in rural areas through a systemic approach

"This PhD program has been a transformative journey, unveiling new horizons and fueling my passion for understanding the dynamic interplay between diverse social sciences. It's been an incredible experience, made even more special by the unconditional support and insightful guidance of our exceptional faculty."


Martha Estrada

I studied Actuarial Sciences  (UNAM, Mexico) and Population and Development (FLACSO, Mexico). Since then I have been working on issues related to aging, quality of life and health in cities.


"Thanks to ts multidisciplinary approach, the PhD in Population Sciences at ULisboa has allowed us to explore our research topics in greater depth but also from different perspectives. The classes and mentoring with different professors have been extraordinary."


Rita C. Costa

Coming form a background in Statistics and Information Management  &
Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (NOVAIMS), and
Visual Communication of Information (ISCTE), I am now interested in using data science and data visualization to study climate change, sustainability and  population dynamics

"The PhD program has gathered an amazing group of academic experts in subjects that are deeply intertwined with Population Sciences. From Climate Change, to Economics, Migration and Public Policy. It has been an unique opportunity to learn with all the professors specially to broaden our horizons and perspectives. The interdisciplinary approach to Population Sciences is key to study Population Dynamics in an evidence-based manner."



Vikas Kalyankar

I completed two Masters, Tourism Management (Kakatiya University, Warangal) and Sociology (IGNOU, New Delhi). Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Population Sciences, with the aim of studying the fertility, reproductive rights, and  emancipation of Indian women.

"My experience in the Ph.D. in Population Sciences program at the University of Lisbon, has been magnificently enriching. The program offers a conducive environment for research and learning. I've had the privilege of being mentored by venerable faculty members. Their guidance and support have been invaluable throughout my academic and research journey."

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