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Over the first year, you will take a set of mandatory courses that provides you a base knowledge of Demography and research methods on which to build the interdisciplinary approach to Population Sciences. In each semester you will also opt for one of the elective courses offered.

You will be  working on developing your research plan since the beginning, with the help of a tutor. The presentation and discussion of the thesis project will take place in a session open to students and faculty in early September - just before the start of the 2nd year. The assessment will focus on the thesis project as well as on its presentation and discussion. Depending on the themes addressed by the candidates, there is the possibility of appointing an external discussant.


The second, third and fourth years will be dedicated to your dissertation, continuing the close work with your tutor or supervisor. In the second semester of the second and third years there will be a seminar course, where students are expected to show how you have been incorporating the knowledge and acquired skills into your dissertation. During the third and/or fourth year you can go for visiting periods abroad benefiting from the research environment of vibrant research centres and institutions that excel in the area of Population Sciences and with whom there are protocols/partnerships for that end.


Throughout the programme you are expected to attend transferable skills courses and seminars provided by the Programme as well as national and international conferences, workshops, etc…

Class schedule

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning

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